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Burchfield Realty is a team of Oklahoma City Commercial Real Estate Brokers designed to provide tenants with professional representation that ensure they are getting the best possible deal available at the time of the commercial real estate transaction.

Many businesses are unaware that they can utilize commercial real estate experts from Burchfield Commercial Real Estate to represent their interests with no cost to them. Did you get that? That is ZERO cost to you!

Our experts are committed to one thing: representing your interests based on your needs. From new leases to renewals, relocations, expansions, subleases or renegotiations, Burchfield Realty's professional expertise allows us to gather the right information to align your needs with your business’ strategy, financial and operational objectives.

We allow you to focus on building your business while we identify and negotiate the best deal for your real estate investment.

Industrial Real Estate

Industrial. We speak your language. Finding the right industrial space requires an extensive knowledge of the needs manufacturing and distribution businesses have. Utilizing the experts at...

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Retail Real Estate

The devil is in the details. Understanding the big picture while focusing on all the little details is what Burchfield Realty's tenant advisors do best. We understand that you have specific criteria to meet your...

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Office Real Estate

Needs First. Space Second. Office space is more than a place for your employees to go to everyday. Your space should provide an atmosphere that your employees and clients are proud to be affiliated with...

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Why Tenant Rep?

We are the best way to lease. Landlords are highly skilled at protecting their own interests.
We protect yours. We constantly monitor and analyze the commercial real estate market, so we can take into account all the factors that come into play: prevailing lease rates, market trends, concessions, tenant improvement allowances, operating expenses and much more. Moreover, you pay nothing for this support and advice, because we are compensated through a commission paid by the landlord as part of the real estate transaction. Don't rely on the landlord's broker to serve in your best interest. They won't.