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Data Center and Cryptomining requires an understanding far beyond basic commercial real estate considerations. Burchfield Commercial Realty brokers understand power, heating and cooling, mining construction, and have long-lasting relationships with our local regulators, power companies, and renewables venders.

Bitcoin miners are finding creative ways to build out infrastructure and investors are calling for it. Pairing mining operations with solar, wind, and renewables are on the rise. Projects like these require experienced real estate brokers to work with local regulators, power companies, and renewable venders while balancing the sensitivities of sellers, landlords, and neighbors.

Dusty Burchfield, Broker, has been a partner in RACK59 Datacenter in OKC since 2009 and has led the organization through multiple stages of infrastructure investment and technology upgrades.

Riot Blockchain considered leasing in many markets, but in 2017 decided to ink a deal with Dusty Burchfield as Broker on a facility in Oklahoma that, at the time, was the biggest and most innovative mining facility in a multi-state region. Dusty’s role went beyond that of a broker, as he helped secure the success of the deal by spearheading conversations with the power company, OG&E, supervising tenant improvements, and guiding the team in making key infrastructure design choices.

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