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Industrial Case Studies

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Progressive Stamping

Burchfield Commericial Realty added tons of value when we decided to look at moving our facility to a new location. With their help, we assessed all the options available to us including expanding into the adjacent space, purchasing a building and moving into a new space. It took over a year for us to go through this process and Burchfield Commercial Realty was there every step of the way. In the end, we moved into a space that suited our needs and received $475,000 tenant improvement allowance. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without their help.


Lithko Contracting

When tasked with adding our company’s ninth location in Oklahoma City, Burchfield Commercial Realty provided the expertise needed to understand commercial real estate in a new market. In addition to providing us with a number of options, they negotiated a triple net lease that virtually eliminated our risk of incurring potential unforeseen costs by capping the out of pocket cost for Community Area Maintenance. Very professional and highly recommend.


Flex-Ability Concepts

When we realized that we would need to move our 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility, we felt a great sense of relief to have the advisors at Burchfield Commercial Realty helping us. Our ability to make a smooth transition from one facility to the other was vital. Burchfield Commercial Realty never lost focus. Their assistance was consistent and determined throughout the process. They demonstrated excellent knowledge of the market providing background and research on potential properties that was very helpful in narrowing our search.

Because of this knowledge and experience, he provided excellent insight and did some tough negotiating on the eventual lease. Ultimately, they were able to get us 8 months of free rent on our primary space of over 82,000 square feet and 2 years of free rent on our 14,000 square feet of expansion space.

Retail Case Studies

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Cricket Wireless (Shah and Shah, LLC)

We decided to enter the Oklahoma City market and diversify our business which is primarily in Houston, TX. Burchfield Commercial Realty did everything without me having to visit Oklahoma City including previewing spaces and negotiating rent. They got us a reduction in base rent and two months free, which was a huge help when entering and unknown market.


OKC Gold Buyers – 3 Locations

We have very specific needs when opening a new location. Burchfield Commercial Realty has been instrumental in not only finding our new locations, but they have been instrumental in the success of our company. In our business, it’s simple. If you don’t have the right spot, you don’t have a successful location. It has been nice allowing Burchfield Commercial Realty to handle all the leg work involved in finding a new, great location. This has allowed us to continue to stay focused on running our business. Also, they have brought expert knowledge to the negotiation table and fought for the terms we had to have to make each location work.

Office Case Studies

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Rausch Coleman

As home builders, we know quite a bit about real estate, but having Burchfield Commercial Realty involved in locking down office space for our operations proved to be invaluable. Their relationships with local listing brokers made the process smooth and allowed us to get fixed rent with no escalations over the term of our lease and significant tenant improvements paid by the landlord.



SecureNet had been at its previous location for over 13 years and we were unsure about the best way to find properties that suited our needs and budget. Burchfield Commercial Realty streamlined the entire process and allowed us to continue to focus on our business. Whenever we had a question or needed documentation we simply called them and they took care of it. They negotiated new paint, carpet and offices in addition to the landlord paying for the real estate taxes and insurance. Anyone that is as busy as we are in growing their business must use the specialists at Burchfield Commercial Realty.

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