Tenant Rep

Why Tenant Rep?

How We Add Value

We are the best way to lease and buy. Landlords are highly skilled at protecting their own interests.

We protect yours. We constantly monitor and analyze the commercial real estate market, so we can take into account all the factors that come into play: prevailing lease rates, market trends, concessions, tenant improvement allowances, operating expenses and much more. Moreover, you pay nothing for this support and advice, because we are compensated through a commission paid by the landlord as part of the real estate transaction. Don’t rely on the landlord’s broker to serve in your best interest. They won’t.

Here’s how Burchfield Commercial Realty tenant representation adds value:

Burchfield Commercial Realty has had clients across different industries and different sizes – from law firms to non-profits and tech companies. Tenant / buyer representation is intrinsic in everything we do, and is what gives our clients, colleagues and partners the confidence to work with us. We treat everyone individually, offering bespoke advice, which in turn builds long-term relationships and helps in assisting our clients to make better real estate decisions.

Leasing Services

Whether you have been leasing your space for a year, three years, or more, the market has changed and we make sure you get a fair deal if you decide to stay at your current location. Our extensive lease evaluation process gives you an understanding of rental rate trends, comparable buildings and deal points you need to focus on.

You have options! 

Creating leverage in a renewal is one of the most important reasons to have someone working on your behalf.  Let us help save you time and money with our lease evaluation process.

House for rent
Your landlord does not want you to leave because...
Vacancy costs them money
New tenants mean renovation and legal costs
New tenants are less profitable than existing tenants