Retail Services

The devil is in the details when it comes to Retail Space.

Understanding the big picture while focusing on all the little details is what Burchfield Realty’s tenant advisors do best. We understand that you have specific criteria to meet your operational, financial, and business goals.

Our advisers take all factors into consideration when proposing spaces including; demographics, competition positioning, rental rates, sales activity, and lease terms. If you are expanding, renewing, subleasing, renegotiating or need a new lease, you can utilize Burchfield Commercial Real Estate‘s expertise to fulfill all your unique needs.

What We Do:
• Provide objective, conflict-free advice
• Use in-depth knowledge of available properties and prevailing market conditions
• Aggressively negotiate a least to protect your financial interests and minimize risk
• Reduce costs
• Reveal hidden provisions of potential leases

What We Don’t Do:
• Represent building owners
• Own real estate
• Design facilities
• Construct buildings