Does Your Broker Represent Your Best Interests?

Burchfield JPGUnlike a landlord’s broker, Burchfield Realty advisors are 100% committed and accountable to your company. The landlord’s broker has a contractual obligation  to represent their client’s best interests, not the tenant’s (you!).  If the landlord’s brokers incentives and the tenant’s interests are not compatible, then a conflict of interest is unavoidable.

The key to a successful commercial real estate lease or purchase negotiation is transparency.  You should ask any broker for a list of buildings they represent and landlord relationships they have.  Also ask  how they get compensated and if there are any bonuses or incentives for certain buildings.  If a broker is unwilling to provide this information there is a strong chance a conflict of interest is present.

At Burchfield Realty, it’s OUR obligation to represent YOUR best interests. By representing the tenant’s interest alone we avoid the conflict of interest that regularly arises from working with one or multiple landlord brokers.

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